Project AIR

Recently together with IBM and Volkswagen China, SQUAIR has launched a smart portable air purifier in the size of a vacuum cup. This device combined SQUAIR unique German made and patented non thermal plasma technology and highly effective HEPA/carbon filter in order to achieve the best air cleaning efficiency. This device will become your daily necessary “travel companion”.
A lot of consumers think air purifiers are just an useless furniture when there is no smog outside. In fact, there are many more pollutes than PM2.5 in the air, bacteria, virus, fungus and TVOCs are great danger to human health as well. SQUAIR smart car air purifier not only can purify PM2.5 in cars but also can break down toxic gas and kill bacterias. Additionally, the device can also produce negative ions to ensure that you have a clean head during driving. On top of that, IBM has developed an “AIR” app that can control the device via bluetooth connection, showing real time air quality and avoiding highly polluted routes as well as voice pushing notifications.